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Naming a Guardian – Do You Need Court Approval?

If you have minor a child, or children, an important issue you’ll need to address in your estate plan is determining who will take care of your children if you suddenly pass away. This person would serve as a “guardian” for your children until they become legal adults. A question I routinely get asked by clients is whether the guardian they prefer to name will need to be approved by a court. Here’s the answer: it depends. A major factor that will influence a guardianship issue is where you reside. If you live in Maryland, you can actually...

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No Children? The Challenge of Deciding Who Receives Your Estate’s Assets

Most people with adult children include them in their estate plan by giving them authority to make decisions on their behalf, and to ultimately inherit their assets. But what about couples who have no children? Estate planning for childless couples can actually be more challenging than for couples with children. How is it more difficult? Well, because there’s probably no default individual to empower to make decisions on your behalf, administer your estate, and determine who will inherit your assets. Childless couples usually look to siblings, extended relatives, charities, or close friends. Another issue for childless couples is the tendency...

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