A key component to the InSight Law process is making sure you are informed and understand important trust and estate planning concepts that they can incorporate in your own plan. The videos on this page include overviews on estate planning, the benefits of establishing a trust, disability planning, elder planning, tips on how to maximize your inheritance, and so forth.

Estate Planning Videos

Estate Tax Portability Explained

Different Roles in an Estate Plan

Distributing Personal Effects in Estate Plan

Protect Your Estate Assets from Creditors & Predators

Key Aspects of a Modern Estate Plan

Tutorials on Trusts

How a Trust Can Protect Your Assets

Benefits of a Trust

Importance of Properly Funding Your Trust

Benefits of a Trust to Protect Your Minor Child

Naming a Trust a Beneficiary of Your IRA

Insight into Trustee Training

Training for Trustees of Minor Children

Keys to an Effective Estate Plan

Federal Estate Tax

IRS Supermarket of Life

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