How InSight Law is Different

When looking for a quality trust and estate planning law firm, you may feel overwhelmed by the number of attorneys and law firms marketing their services on Google, on television, on your smartphone, etc. You may be asking, “how is your firm different from all the others out there?”

Here are a few ways InSight Law is unique and different from the competition:

  • We spend time up front educating and counselling our clients to create plans tailored to their goals and needs.
  • We work closely with our clients and their advisors to ensure integration of their financial and estate plans.
  • We update our client’s estate plans on a regular basis and track their assets to ensure they have properly funded trusts.
  • We educate our clients and their families on the logistics of what to do if a loved one becomes disabled or passes away. This includes providing guidance to trustees, guardians, and beneficiaries on what to do at the appropriate time.

Overview of InSight Law's Unique Process

Another differentiating factor is that we are not a “one-and-done” cookie cutter estate planning law firm.  We pride ourselves on forming long-term partnerships with clients. With that goal in mind, we offer a variety of educational events throughout the year since continuing education when it comes to your estate plan is essential.

Our educational meetings include:

  • Annual Client Meetings: Annual Client Meetings are held to provide clients with a status of legal and firm updates.
  • Client Update Program Meetings (July through September): Our clients’ estate plans are updated every other year to address changes in the law as well as their personal situation.
  • Trustee Training Program Series – What to Do Workshop (Saturday before Thanksgiving every year): Will your family know what to do at the appropriate time? This workshop teaches clients and their families and/or helpers how to settle a trust on death or disability.
  • Nuts & Bolts for Guardians and Trustees of Minor Children: You’ve been named a Guardian and/or Trustee of a minor. Now what? This program provides the necessary information and checklists for helpers who have been named as Guardian or Trustee in a Will or a Trust.
  • Back to Basics Webinars: Have you ever felt that your understanding of your estate plan is a little fuzzy? Perhaps it has been a few years since you created your trust. If so, this workshop is for you. We will cover a general overview of the living trust and ancillary documents. Our objective is to increase your comfort level with your estate plan and review key concepts as to how your estate plan works.

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