Author: Bobby Feisee

Proper Accounting of Business Loans Will Help Save Time and Money Down the Road

As new businesses are starting out, it can be difficult to establish a steady cash flow to cover expenses. Business owners often want to “lend” their business money here and there to make sure the company stays operational. In many cases, where the business only has one member or owner, these loans go undocumented and no interest is paid when the principal is paid back. Once you decide to use your personal funds to invest in your business, you’ll need to work with your accountant to determine if the money should be treated as equity or as a loan to the...

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Death with Dignity – How You Can Incorporate a “Graceful Departure” in Your Estate Plan

The D.C. Council is debating legislation that would allow doctors to prescribe lethal doses of prescription medication to terminally ill patients. The “Death with Dignity Act,” introduced by Council member Mary Cheh made it out of a five-member committee by a 3-2 vote. Council member Cheh introduced the bill to give “dying patients greater choice and control over their final moments,” according to the Washington Times. “In the face of imminent death, meeting a patient’s individual needs and wishes compassionately should be our top priority. If a dying person wishes to peacefully end his or her life rather than endure prolonged pain...

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