Prospective Clients

Truth About Estate Planning

Bobby leading an estate planning workshop for Insight LawMost people don’t know what to expect from an estate planning attorney let alone know the right questions to ask the attorney. In our experience, most families who have completed their estate plans have little to no education on what their documents actually mean and the serious impact it can have on their loved ones. The Truth About Estate Planning Workshop will prepare you to deal with your planning concerns and examine your goals without the time pressure of making decisions. The Program is Free. Choose a date listed to the right and Register Today!

We Will Teach You:

  • What to consider BEFORE meeting and SELECTING and estate planning attorney
  • How you can make life EASIER on your loved ones during troubling times
  • How to leave your assets to your loved ones PROTECTED against Divorces and Creditors
  • How legal fees are determined and strategies to reduce your OVERALL COST by 50%
Other Topics and Questions Covered
  • Why most living trusts do not work and how to assure your trust meets your goals?
  • Probate — what is it, why does everyone want to avoid it? What is the real cost of Probate?
  • Why are many Powers of Attorney not accepted by financial institutions?
  • How to transfer your financial wealth and “Life Wisdom” to future generations?
  • Changes in Estate Taxes — are they really gone forever?
  • How often should I update my estate plan? What is the real cost of an outdated estate plan?