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We work closely with financial professionals to ensure that our clients estate plans are coordinated with their financial accounts.  Our belief is that a collaborative effort among advisors will best serve our clients and their families.

Trust Funding

In many instances, clients come to us with some estate planning already completed.  However, even if the client has a revocable living trust, the majority of the time the trust is not funded.  Clients often don’t understand the importance of retitling assets into the trust or find it too difficult.  At InSight Law, we work with our clients and their advisors to make sure their trust is fully funded.  We check in with our clients on a yearly basis to make sure any new assets they have acquired are properly funded as well.  Missing the critical step of trust funding can cause unnecessary delay and expense when implementing the estate plan after a death.

With constant changes in the law it is important you and your clients have a solid understanding of the importance of beneficiary designations. This planning is especially important when clients have large IRA accounts they want to protect for their children. Please see Bobby’s article below to learn more about IRA beneficiary designations after the 2014 Clark v. Rameker Supreme Court Case:
Counseling Clients on IRA Beneficiary Designations

Wealth Reception

We also work closely with advisors to ensure that the next generation is prepared to receive and manage their inheritance. This comes from collaboration and education for clients, their families and their advisors. We invite advisors to join our team in the estate planning process with clients. In addition, we offer a number of educational events throughout the year that advisors are invited to attend with the clients and their families.

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