The Benefits of a Docubank Card

Modern medicine requires the use of medical directives, but having instant and easy access to them is equally important. As clients of the InSight Law Maintenance Plan, Docubank provides a wonderful service to you at no additional charge. Docubank provides immediate access to your healthcare directives and emergency medical information anywhere at anytime. This can be useful in an emergency situation, or even if you are going in for a scheduled procedure. You should have received a Docubank card shortly after we delivered your estate planning documents to you. We suggest you place this card next to your insurance card in your wallet so hospitals and helpers have easy access to this information.

This card gives your provider the information they need to contact Docubank and get a copy of your Medical Directives and healthcare checklists and instructions you have completed. It is important you let your provider know about this service and direct them to use it when asked for a copy of your medical directives. Additionally, make sure your family and helpers know about the Docubank card so they can direct providers to use it in the event you are unable to do so. There should be no reason to fill out another medical directive your provider gives you.

We routinely give clients the opportunity to review and update their Docubank information at our Annual Client Meeting in the Spring. You can also access your Docubank information at anytime by logging into their website ( When we update your medical directives at the Client Update Program, we provide the latest version to Docubank. If you have not completed your healthcare checklists and instructions, you should have blank ones located in your Client Organizer. Please fill them out and send us a copy to provide to Docubank. If you have any questions regarding Docubank, or have misplaced your card, please contact Newsha at