At InSight Law, we cultivate a collaborative relationship with our client family to ensure we make mutual commitments to develop, maintain and carry out an effective estate plan that will accomplish all of our client’s goals and objectives. The graphic below summarizes the lifespan of effective estate plans that work for you and your loved ones:

Lifespan of Plans that Work™


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We are committed to a mutually beneficial relationship. Ours begins with education, exchange of information, and reasonable opportunity to explore the services offered and the mutual commitments that would be required. All fees are discussed, disclosed and agreed upon before any work is begun by the firm. In this way, the Client always knows the focus is fully upon achieving client goals.We are committed to a plan that will accomplish Client’s goals and objectives, developed after eliminating limiting assumptions. The Firm provides creative legal counsel and Client engages in thoughtful decision-making to co-create a personally tailored estate plan. The Firm provides and explains the legal documents to implement the plan.We are committed to planning that will protect all of Client’s estate: a fully-funded plan. The Firm assists Client in appropriate re-titling (and future titling) of assets as necessary to coordinate them with the plan to accomplish Client’s goals. This involves an initial funding plan co-created by the Firm, the Client, and their Advisors after considering tax and other planning issues, and ongoing assistance until the plan has carried out Client’s goals.We are committed to maintaining and updating the estate plan over the rest of the time we have together. The Firm guides and assists Client to obtain ongoing written verification of full funding. The Firm provides Client with documents to communicate to their loved ones their very personal wishes (health and personal care, memorial instructions, care of/guidance for beneficiaries). The Firm empowers and encourages the Client in the lifelong process of transferring a complete legacy: wisdom, stories, faith, values, possessions of emotional significance, and final wishes to be fulfilled. Continuous plan updating is accomplished through annual meetings and biennial small group sessions.We are committed to lifelong learning as it relates to accomplishing Client’s estate planning goals. The Firm will continue to learn about developing laws, processes and strategies that may affect Client’s estate plan and goals. The Firm will organize and provide educational and relationship building events to help Client, Client’s families, and Client’s Advisors to accomplish Client’s estate planning goals. We are committed to securing the benefits of the Client’s estate plan. The Firm offers services that will be needed by Client’s Helpers and family at the times of Client’s disability and/or death. Two important goals are to be accomplished: better results and lower costs. Client’s assets should pass to their loved ones in the way Client hoped, and the cost of carrying out the plan should be lower than prevailing rates. We are committed to Client’s long-term goals, and particularly the ongoing benefits that beneficiaries can realize, being achieved. The Firm offers services to Client’s beneficiaries after they have received their inheritance to assure that they realize, over time, the full wisdom of the plan Client so meticulously developed.