Bobby Feisee, President of InSight Law

Bobby Feisee is currently President of InSight Law and an adjunct Law Professor for the George Mason School of Law.   After graduating from George Mason Law School and passing the Virginia Bar in 1996, Bobby worked at a small litigation firm, Curran & Whittington, P.C. In 1998, Bobby moved on to a larger firm, Rees, Broome, & Diaz, P.C., located in Tysons Corner, Virginia.  At Rees, Broome, & Diaz, Bobby was responsible for enforcing contracts and judgments.  It was here that Bobby realized that he wanted to help people protect their assets rather than enforcing judgments for creditors.

Thereafter, Bobby left Rees, Broome & Diaz in 2001 and joined Morgan Stanley as a financial advisor to help people grow their wealth.  At Morgan Stanley, Bobby realized the important connection between estate planning and financial planning.  It was also during this time that Bobby’s father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

“It wasn’t until after my dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s that I reviewed his estate plan (i.e. his Will, Trust, Power of Attorney and Medical Directives).  I realized that I had made a terrible mistake not reviewing these documents with my dad earlier.  I also made the mistake of not talking to my dad’s attorney and financial advisor.  The legal documents were basically a bunch of boiler plate forms that really gave us no direction on what my dad’s wishes were.

“Even worse, I realized too late that my dad’s attorney never talked to my dad’s financial advisor to discuss his planning. We could have saved a lot of money and a lot of heartache for my mom if my dad’s financial plan was integrated with his estate plan.  Here I was, an attorney who was learning about financial planning and I was seeing all the worst things happen to my own family. I felt helpless.  I began taking matters into my own hands and learned everything I could about estate planning.  I decided to leave Morgan Stanley to focus on estate planning and to work with financial advisors in helping people with some of the most important decisions in their life.  I felt that people didn’t really understand the consequences of the choices they were making when it came to estate planning.  My career path has led me to this point in my life where I can’t possibly think of doing anything else.”

In 2007, Bobby joined the National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys and founded InSight Law.  Currently, Bobby holds the following accolades and certifications:

  1. an elected Board Member for National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys;
  2. a Certified Legacy Advisor™ and
  3. a member of the Purposeful Planning Collaboration.

At the National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys, Bobby is a national speaker and teaches estate planning attorneys the latest techniques and innovations in the estate planning field.  Bobby is a member of the Virginia, Maryland, and DC Bar, as well as the respective Trust and Estate Sections for each jurisdiction.

Personal Interests

Bobby is a high school lacrosse coach for Madison High School, located in Vienna, Virginia.  He previously coached Oakton High School where they won 3 state championship titles.  Bobby played his college lacrosse at Syracuse University and is a 2 time national lacrosse champion.  Bobby also coached the Iroquois National Team in the 2008 World Games.

“I love lacrosse and coaching youth. My goal is to help put Northern Virginia lacrosse on the map, nationally.”

Bobby also volunteers his time by teaching frequent clinics for the local youth programs and high schools.