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Battle for Baltimore’s Professional Baseball Future Will Be Determined by Estate Planning

Whether the Orioles professional baseball franchise is going to remain in Baltimore, Maryland is now an open question in the wake of lawsuit filed by Louis “Lou” Angelos (son of beloved team owner Peter Angelos) against his mother and brother. Lou Angelos filed his complaint with a Baltimore County court on June 9, 2022 demanding recent amendments to a family trust be voided. In addition, the complaint demand that his aforementioned brother, John Angelos (current CEO of the Orioles) be held liable for fraud and intentionally interfering with Lou Angelos’ inheritance. Proverbial Dirty Laundry Aired in Public When an estate-related dispute arises and is allowed to...

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You Were Named the Executor or Administrator of an Estate – What To Expect

When someone is designated as a personal representative for an estate, their mind is often inundated with questions and concerns about what they are legally obligated to do. In many instances, personal representatives are named an Executor/Executrix or an Administrator/Administratrix. Similarities and Differences between an Administrator and an Executor You may be wondering, "What is different from being named an Administrator versus an Executor?" Well, an Administrator is the individual appointed by a court to oversee an estate when someone passes away without a Last Will and Testament. In contrast, an Executor is the individual named by a decedent in their estate...

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