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Baby on Board, Part 2 – I Care…Therefore, I Plan

Many of us lead incredibly busy lives. Work, social events with friends and family, taking the kids from one place to another, trying to make a better life for my family, and so forth.  Who has time to think about estate planning? That is something far down on the list for most people because they just don’t have time for it and don’t want to think about it. I always wondered why people would not take the time to make sure they have a plan in place for their family, but now I get it. I found myself, an estate planning attorney, putting...

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Bobby’s Estate Planning Mythbuster: Access to Assets Held in a Revocable Trust

Myth: If you set up a revocable trust, you lose control and access to your assets. Truth: You have just as much control - if not more – when you create a revocable trust and transfer assets to the trust. A trust is basically a contract between a trustmaker (i.e. you - the person who creates the trust), a trustee (i.e. one who controls the trust; can be you or someone else) and beneficiaries (i.e. the people entitled to benefit from the trust). As the grantor, you determine how the trust will be operated by the trustee and who benefits. There are numerous...

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Importance of Disability Planning

You and your loved ones may be relatively healthy today, but can you guarantee you’ll be just as healthy 20 years from now? Of course not. No one can predict when and if they develop a physical disability or disease. No one can be ready for the day they walk into their doctor’s office and are told they’re suffering from Alzheimer’s or cancer. Even if you eat a perfect diet, exercise every day and take supplements, you still can’t avoid the risk of suffering a debilitating physical ailment. For example, one-third of adults over the age of 65 suffer a...

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