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Another Celebrity Leaves Sizable Estate, But No Will

Actor Anton Yelchin, best known for his role as Chekov in the revamped Stark Trek movies, died tragically in an accident on June 19, 2016. Mr. Yelchin, left behind a sizable $1.4 million estate and no will. He follows other notable celebrities like Prince and Amy Winehouse who suddenly passed on leaving substantial estates, but no estate plan. Mr. Yelchin was only 27 years old, but he had at least $641,000 in personal property and had $731,000 in equity in his home, according to the Associated Press. His parents filed to become administrators of his estate in Los Angeles Superior Court. Our...

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Neglected Estate Planning By Prince Will Cost Loved Ones

World famous music star Prince reportedly died without leaving a will, trust, or any other estate planning documents for his friends and family. The consequence? His loved ones and business contacts will likely be fighting in court for years to settle an estate estimated to be worth between $150 million to $300 million, according to the Chicago Tribune. To complicate matters even further, Prince was not married and had no children. This means there is not a clear beneficiary who will inherit the bulk of his estate. Instead, Prince left behind six siblings. Here is an ABC News report on the estate...

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