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Streamlined Loan Forgiveness Application Now Available for PPP Borrowers

If you received a loan totaling $50,000 or less through the Paycheck Protection Program, the administrative burden associated with applying for forgiveness is now much lighter. The Small Business Administration recently issued Form 3508S, which is a far simpler loan forgiveness application, especially in comparison to the original 3508 form and even the 3508EZ form. For example, Form 3508S is a single page and requires very little paperwork when applying for PPP loan forgiveness. Small business owners who borrowed $50,000 or less will need to certify the following: Loan funds were used for eligible expenses; Payroll costs were at least...

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Advice to Help You on Your Path to PPP Loan Forgiveness

With the passage of the Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act of 2020 ("PPPFA"), small business owners will enjoy greater flexibility and a relatively easier path to toward forgiveness of their PPP loan. For example, one of the key provisions within the PPPFA is that a small business owner remains eligible for loan forgiveness even if they do not rehire all of their employees that were furloughed or laid off in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic. The Treasury Department and Small Business Administration (the agency tasked with managing the Paycheck Protection Program), released new loan forgiveness forms that dramatically reduced the...

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