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Advice on How to Plan Your Estate in the Midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic

The Coronavirus Pandemic has placed the fragility of life front and center for many people. It is a harsh reminder that each day is a gift and an unexpected event can limit the days we have on this Earth. A byproduct of this realization is that many Americans are taking steps to plan their estates. However, jumping headfirst into estate planning can be rather intimidating. You have to make important decisions about whether to create a will, a trust (or trusts), power of attorney for handling financial matters, power of attorney for medical decisions, and so forth. If you are interested...

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Do You Need to Amend Your Advance Medical Directive Due to the Coronavirus?

One of my clients recently asked an important question about advance medical directives and whether amending this important legal and medical document is warranted in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. For context, my client has an advance medical directive stating that they do not want to be put on a ventilator. However, my client expressed a desire to be placed on a ventilator if they are infected with COVID-19. This prompted my client to ask – is it necessary to amend my advance medical directive in light of different treatment wishes for the Coronavirus? Answer: it is not necessary to amend an...

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