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Caring from a Distance: Tips on How to Help Aging Loved Ones When You’re Not Around the Corner

Many years ago, it was quite common for children to live in the same city they were born and raised in. They may have even decided to purchase a home in the same neighborhood where their parents still lived. Today, such a scenario is a relic of the past. Many people do not live close to their parents and are scattered across states, and even countries. So you need to ask yourself this important question - when your parent’s health begins to fail, what will happen? Do you know who will care for them if they can’t take care of themselves?...

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Casey Kasem Legal Battle Illustrates the Importance of Preparing for a Loved One’s Incapacitated State

In an ideal world, an elderly loved one would get to enjoy their golden years and pass away peacefully and painlessly. Unfortunately, such an ideal world doesn’t exist. In reality, when an elderly loved one becomes stricken with a disease like dementia, the end is painful and traumatizing. Case in point: the heartbreaking state of affairs for Casey Kasem (picture on right), a beloved radio personality. Mr. Kasem has Lewy body disease, an agreesive form of dementia. He was in the headlines recently after disappearing for a number of days. A California judge issued an order prohibiting Mr. Kasem from...

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