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Coronavirus Pandemic Highlights the Importance of Clear Health Care Directives

CNN published a heart wrenching article by Louis Foglia that detailed his father's last days and tragic passing as a result of COVID-19. Foglia's article provided an immersive experience into the intense stress, anxiety and uncertainty that accompanies having a loved one in the hospital struggling to stay alive due to the Coronavirus. Foglia's father battled the Coronavirus for 31 days but ultimately succumbed to the deadly virus. I strongly encourage you to take the time to read Foglia's article from start to finish. It both encapsulates the life and memory of his father while also highlighting the immense importance of certain...

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Simple Estate Planning for Your College Kids

It is a day most parents dream of, and dread, all at the same time – their child makes the voyage into adulthood and heads off to college. Keep in mind, even though you may view your son or daughter as a child, in the eyes of the law, when they turn 18, they are a legal adult. As a result, they need to have some essential estate planning documents in place. An estate plan is critical since it provides directives on who will be appointed to make medical and financial decisions in the event your son or daughter is unable...

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As the New Year Approaches, Take Time to Re-Examine Your Estate Plan

We’re rapidly approaching 2015 and now is the time that many people take a step back to take inventory of big events in 2014 and plan for the new year. If you have an estate plan, it’s a good rule of thumb to re-examine your plan at least once a year (do NOT put together a plan and throw it into a lockbox for all eternity- it simply will not work). If you do not have an estate plan, you should make it a goal for 2015. Remember, estate planning is not just for you, it is also about...

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