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Personal Pain Fuels Desire to Protect Your Family Through Effective Estate Planning

This month marks the 10th anniversary of my father’s death.  He lived with dementia for seven years caused by a form of Parkinson’s called Lewy Body Disease. My father’s illness was one of the main reasons I decided to re-focus my legal career and specialize in estate planning.  Another attorney helped draft my father’s estate plan. The attorney took the traditional approach of getting legal documents executed, but with very little counseling or follow-up. The result? A family left in the dark. We did not know my father’s wishes or preferences regarding his health care or what should be done if...

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Casey Kasem Legal Battle Illustrates the Importance of Preparing for a Loved One’s Incapacitated State

In an ideal world, an elderly loved one would get to enjoy their golden years and pass away peacefully and painlessly. Unfortunately, such an ideal world doesn’t exist. In reality, when an elderly loved one becomes stricken with a disease like dementia, the end is painful and traumatizing. Case in point: the heartbreaking state of affairs for Casey Kasem (picture on right), a beloved radio personality. Mr. Kasem has Lewy body disease, an agreesive form of dementia. He was in the headlines recently after disappearing for a number of days. A California judge issued an order prohibiting Mr. Kasem from...

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