Three Key Estate Planning Strategies You Can’t Overlook

A great estate plan requires periodic updating, extensive analysis, and following these three important strategies. “Stress Test” Your Estate Plan Through Various Scenarios One of the best ways to determine your plan is thorough and ready for virtually any scenario is to actually test it out in a variety of hypotheticals. What will happen if you suddenly become incapacitated? What will happen if your child, or children, pre-decease you? What rights, if any, will your child’s ex-spouse have to your estate’s assets? Putting your estate plan through these “stress” variables should not stress you out! Our view is going through these scenarios...

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Attack of the Ex-Spouse: Maryland Court Allows Former Wife to Receive 50 Percent of Deceased Ex-Spouse’s Pension Benefits

The Maryland case Robinette v. Hunsecker, 66 A. 3d 1093 (Md. Ct. App. 2013) is a prime example of why it is so important to review your estate plan, and all related documents, on a regular basis. An estate plan that is locked away in a safe deposit box may actually wind up creating frustration and turmoil for your loved ones. In Robinette, Luan Hunsecker (“Ms. Hunsecker”) married a man named Roger Robinette (“Mr. Robinette”). During their marriage, Mr. Robinette participated in a pension plan with his employer. After nearly seventeen years of marriage, Ms. Hunsecker and Mr. Robinette decided...

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