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Another Celebrity Leaves Sizable Estate, But No Will

Actor Anton Yelchin, best known for his role as Chekov in the revamped Stark Trek movies, died tragically in an accident on June 19, 2016. Mr. Yelchin, left behind a sizable $1.4 million estate and no will. He follows other notable celebrities like Prince and Amy Winehouse who suddenly passed on leaving substantial estates, but no estate plan. Mr. Yelchin was only 27 years old, but he had at least $641,000 in personal property and had $731,000 in equity in his home, according to the Associated Press. His parents filed to become administrators of his estate in Los Angeles Superior Court. Our...

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Big Estate Planning Mistakes Many People Make (But Can Easily Be Avoided)

Properly organizing your financial and personal assets, planning for disability, and leaving your legacy should be is the central goals of estate planning. It is important the focus stays on your personal goals and making the transition smoother for your loved ones. Unfortunately, many people who opt to “go it alone” and not consult with an estate planning attorney, make some bad (and totally preventable) mistakes that adversely affect their estate plans. Below are three common estate planning mistakes that occur, unfortunately, far too often: 1. Never taking the time to even come up with an estate plan. This one really...

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Dying Without a Will in Maryland, Virginia or D.C. – Understanding the Differences in the DMV

There is an area known as the “DMV”, which is a nifty acronym for the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia. People who reside in the DMV routinely travel between these states on a regular basis (D.C. isn’t technically a state, but for the purposes of this blog, we’ll just call it a state). Just because these states are neighbors, does not mean that they share the same laws when it comes to passing assets on to your loved ones if you die without a will. If you suddenly pass away and do not have a valid will, you have...

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