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How to Properly Establish a Living Trust

One of the best estate planning tools you can utilize is a living trust. Establishing a trust allows your loved ones to avoid lengthy and complicated probate and may save your family money in administrative expenses and taxes. So how do you set up a living trust? The requirements of a trust to be considered legally valid include: You need to have the intent to create a trust. This is a fairly simple requirement to meet by stating your intent in the trust document. You need to have the testamentary capacity to create a trust. This means you need to have the...

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Having That Awkward Conversation – Family Inheritance

UBS Wealth Management published a report revealing how badly families are talking about inheritance. The report indicates that it’s easier to have a will (83 percent of respondents had one) than discuss the will with children (about half have had a conversation about the will), and it’s even harder to tell children what the assets are in the will (only 34 percent of respondents discussed the will in detail). The issue of not discussing family inheritance spans the economic spectrum including both wealthy and not-so-wealthy people, according to the New York Times. The UBS report showed that only 55 percent...

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