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Estate Planning Takeaways from Lamar Odom’s Medical Nightmare

Former NBA star Lamar Odom was on the verge of death totally incapacitated. He needed the assistance of a breathing tube and many worried he would suffer permanent, debilitating brain trauma. Fortunately, his health has improved and it looks like he will pull through, but this incident is a prime example of why it is so important to regularly review and update your estate planning documents. Lamar Odom was married to Khloe Kardashian, but the couple was not on good terms and had signed divorce papers, but they were not finalized. This meant Kardashian possessed legal authority to make medical decisions...

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Don’t Let a Random Doctor Decide Your Fate – Establishing an Individualized Disability Panel to Determine If You Are Disabled

It’s an unfortunate fact of life – when we get older, we’re at a greater risk of having our mental faculties suddenly decline to the point of being declared mentally incapacitated. This cruel fact applies to everyone, even those of considerable financial means. The heartbreaking end to Casey Kasem’s life was an example. Another example is the continuing legal battle over the mental capacity of Donald Sterling, the soon-to-be-former owner of the Los Angeles Clippers basketball franchise. The capacity of Mr. Sterling is the center of a contentious legal battle. Two neurologists determined that Mr. Sterling was mentally incapacitated...

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