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Natural Burial – Is it Right for You?

As we learn more about the environmental impact of metal caskets and traditional forms of burial, many people are opting for “green” or “natural” burials. These are burials where no chemicals are used at any stage of the burial. This means no embalming fluid is placed in your body, no vault, and no metal casket. Some natural burial services place a body into the ground wrapped in a shroud or placed inside a non-treated and biodegradable coffin. Are Traditional Burials Harming the Environment? The growing popularity of natural burials has been associated with the growing body of evidence highlighting the potential environmental...

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Should You Opt for a “Green Burial”?

When the word “burial” is mentioned, a common image conjured by most people is a coffin being lowered into a burial plot. However, you may not realize that many coffins are actually quite harmful to the environment. Why? Because coffins are often manufactured using chemicals and non-biodegradable material. Roughly one million pounds of metal, wood and concrete are put into the ground each year to separate bodies from the surrounding earth. In addition, embalming fluid, made up of formaldehyde and rubbing alcohol, is considered a Class 1 carcinogen by the World Health Organization, and can seep into the ground and affect...

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