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Info You Need to Know – Estate Taxes Levied at Both the State and Federal Level

I recently published a blog discussing the potential modifications to the federal estate tax and the push to have the federal estate tax exemption revert to "historic norms." It appears some states may be targeting their own estate tax exemptions in an effort to raise additional revenue. For example, the D.C. Council approved the Budget Support Act of 2020 containing a number of significant tax changes, including a change to the D.C. estate tax exemption. Specifically, when someone passes away in D.C. on or after December 31, 2020, their estate would be exempt from the D.C. estate tax up to $4 million. This is...

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Famous People and Estate Planning Disasters

If you think all the well-to-do or celebrities have a magnificent estate plan in place, think again. Many wealthy individuals and famous people failed to properly organize and plan their estates. The result? Estate planning nightmares that lead to millions of dollars being gobbled up by Federal estate taxes, unnecessary legal fees, and lengthy court battles between family members. Below are three prime examples of missed opportunities, in terms of proper estate planning: Steve McNair Steve McNair was a successful NFL quarterback who died suddenly and unexpectedly. He did not have a will or any estate planning documents when he passed away....

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