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Info You Need to Know – Estate Taxes Levied at Both the State and Federal Level

I recently published a blog discussing the potential modifications to the federal estate tax and the push to have the federal estate tax exemption revert to "historic norms." It appears some states may be targeting their own estate tax exemptions in an effort to raise additional revenue. For example, the D.C. Council approved the Budget Support Act of 2020 containing a number of significant tax changes, including a change to the D.C. estate tax exemption. Specifically, when someone passes away in D.C. on or after December 31, 2020, their estate would be exempt from the D.C. estate tax up to $4 million. This is...

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Estate Tax Exemption May Be Modified Post-Election

Former Vice President Joe Biden released a 110-page economic plan that included significant modifications to the estate tax exemption, in addition to other tax policies that could impact your estate. Modifying the Estate Tax Exemption Biden’s economic plan would seek to return the estate tax exemption to "historical norms." This is a nuanced way of saying that the estate tax exemption should be reduced back to close to $5 million, rather than where the exemption is currently set at closer to $12 million. The tax reform legislation that was passed recently included a doubling of the estate tax exemption. Specifically, the estate tax...

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Big Changes Coming to D.C. Estate Tax Laws

Starting in 2016, D.C. residents will be exempt from having to pay estate taxes if their estate is $2 million or less. This is a big change from the current exemption cap of $1 million. However, keep in mind that the language of the new law is somewhat vague. For example, one section of the new law appears to condition the higher estate tax exemption on “available revenue” which means the higher estate tax exemption may not take effect immediately in 2016, but another section implies that the exemption will automatically go into effect in 2016. Check out the actual language...

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