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Death with Dignity – How You Can Incorporate a “Graceful Departure” in Your Estate Plan

The D.C. Council is debating legislation that would allow doctors to prescribe lethal doses of prescription medication to terminally ill patients. The “Death with Dignity Act,” introduced by Council member Mary Cheh made it out of a five-member committee by a 3-2 vote. Council member Cheh introduced the bill to give “dying patients greater choice and control over their final moments,” according to the Washington Times. “In the face of imminent death, meeting a patient’s individual needs and wishes compassionately should be our top priority. If a dying person wishes to peacefully end his or her life rather than endure prolonged pain...

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The Benefits of a Docubank Card

Modern medicine requires the use of medical directives, but having instant and easy access to them is equally important. As clients of the InSight Law Maintenance Plan, Docubank provides a wonderful service to you at no additional charge. Docubank provides immediate access to your healthcare directives and emergency medical information anywhere at anytime. This can be useful in an emergency situation, or even if you are going in for a scheduled procedure. You should have received a Docubank card shortly after we delivered your estate planning documents to you. We suggest you place this card next to your insurance card...

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InSight Law On the Cutting Edge of Estate Planning

During the past few months, InSight Law focused on technology to provide better and more efficient service options to our clients. Below is a summary and review of several of our new technology options: Actionstep Portal: The firm has switched customer relationship management systems to Actionstep. They offer a client portal using Amazon Web Services infrastructure to provide a secure storage and exchange of documents between individual users and the firm. This allows clients the option of going “paperless” and reduces the need for mailing paper copies of documents and updates. The paperless option includes electronic copies of your Asset Review...

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