Simultaneous Death Provisions: The Law in the “DMV”

In many estate plans, it is quite common for a husband to leave everything to his wife and kids. And, vice versa, a wife routinely decides to leave everything to her husband and kids. But what happens if both the husband and wife die simultaneously? Under the common law, if there was any evidence that one of the deceased individuals survived the other, even by a few seconds, then the estates would be distributed in that order. This led to many bitter inheritance battles in court. So, to address this problem, the Uniform Simultaneous Death Act was passed and applies...

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Dying Without a Will in Maryland, Virginia or D.C. – Understanding the Differences in the DMV

There is an area known as the “DMV”, which is a nifty acronym for the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia. People who reside in the DMV routinely travel between these states on a regular basis (D.C. isn’t technically a state, but for the purposes of this blog, we’ll just call it a state). Just because these states are neighbors, does not mean that they share the same laws when it comes to passing assets on to your loved ones if you die without a will. If you suddenly pass away and do not have a valid will, you have...

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