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Advice on How to Plan Your Estate in the Midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic

The Coronavirus Pandemic has placed the fragility of life front and center for many people. It is a harsh reminder that each day is a gift and an unexpected event can limit the days we have on this Earth. A byproduct of this realization is that many Americans are taking steps to plan their estates. However, jumping headfirst into estate planning can be rather intimidating. You have to make important decisions about whether to create a will, a trust (or trusts), power of attorney for handling financial matters, power of attorney for medical decisions, and so forth. If you are interested...

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Overview of Payroll Tax Relief Enacted to Help Businesses Struggling in the Midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic

Congress recently passed legislation aimed at encouraging business owners to continue paying the wages and benefits of employees by providing payroll-related tax credits, loans, and other forms of necessary relief. If you own a business, the InSight Law team wants to ensure you are fully aware of the various programs and tax incentives available to help you during this difficult and unprecedented time. Payroll Tax Relief for Businesses with Less than 500 Employees There are now tax credits available to help business owners cover the expense of paid sick leave and paid family leave. There is also tax-free forgiveness for Paycheck Protection...

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Coronavirus Pandemic Highlights the Importance of Clear Health Care Directives

CNN published a heart wrenching article by Louis Foglia that detailed his father's last days and tragic passing as a result of COVID-19. Foglia's article provided an immersive experience into the intense stress, anxiety and uncertainty that accompanies having a loved one in the hospital struggling to stay alive due to the Coronavirus. Foglia's father battled the Coronavirus for 31 days but ultimately succumbed to the deadly virus. I strongly encourage you to take the time to read Foglia's article from start to finish. It both encapsulates the life and memory of his father while also highlighting the immense importance of certain...

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