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Profits Interest – Info You Need to Know

You’ve probably heard of “stock options” that enable an individual to buy into a company at a future time. However, if you work for a limited liability company (LLC), you also have the option of utilizing a unique form of equity compensation known as “profits interest” which represents an actual current ownership interest in the LLC. Tax Free Equity Compensation A profits interest, when structured to be in compliance with relevant IRS “safe harbors,” is effectively tax free for the recipient, according to a great article published by Hutchison PLLC. This is because a profits interest basically represents an ownership interest in the...

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You Can Now Retire in Margaritaville

If you’re a diehard Jimmy Buffett fan (also known as a Parrothead) you’ll now have the opportunity to go “searchin' for your lost shaker of salt” at Latitude Margaritaville, a new Florida retirement community. Jimmy Buffett is partnering with an Ottawa-based developer called Minto Communities to develop the Margaritaville-themed community in Daytona Beach, Florida. The community will eventually have close to 7,000 homes for residents age 55 and older. The homes will be built on streets affiliated with lyrics to Buffett’s 1977 mega hit “Margaritaville.” For example, you will be able to live on Flip Flop Court, Coral Reef Way or St. Somewhere...

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Own a Technology Business in Virginia? Take Advantage of a Little Known Capital Gains Tax Exemption

Starting and managing a business is challenging, especially in the highly competitive technology sector. You have to ensure your product or service is on the cutting edge, while also juggling regulatory requirements and staying up-to-date with business taxes. Fortunately, the Commonwealth is taking some of the burden off your shoulders through the state tax code. Entrepreneurs and investors who make qualified investments in early-stage technology, biotechnology and energy startups in Virginia through 2020, can seek exemption from paying state income tax on their long-term capital gains throughout the life of the investment, according to the Northern Virginia Technology Council. This exemption was...

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