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Long-Term Wealth Protection Available Through Dynasty Trusts and Domestic Asset Protection Trusts

A dynasty trust can be set up and utilized to pass asserts on to multiple generations of descendants while paying very little in taxes. Here’s a big advantage: dynasty trusts have no expiration date and there are no required minimum distributions. This means the assets in the trust may grow for an unlimited number of future generations. Dynasty trusts can be set up in numerous states. However, some states offer stronger protections for these types of trusts. For example, Delaware offers more protections from creditors trying to access the trust assets and potential exclusion of assets if a trustee gets...

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Asset Protection for Physicians

Physicians are constant targets of malpractice lawsuits. Generally, they have a high level of annual income as compared to most other people. Detailed required medical record keeping creates an ideal paper trail for any trial lawyer. Despite these challenges, physicians remain the highest earning professional group. Most physicians will accumulate significant business and personal assets that should be protected from the many liabilities that face the medical practitioner. This is where asset protection for physicians is absolutely critical. So what exactly is asset protection? Well, it is a hybrid between traditional estate planning and advanced planning strategies. This hybrid approach helps...

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More Info on Obtaining a Commercial Real Estate License for Asset Protection

Here is the second installment of an article series from Howard Stross, a fellow member of the National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys. Essential Elements of a Commercial Real Estate Lease: Part 2 by Howard Stross of the Stross Law Firm What Does Florida Do That No Other State Does With a Commercial Real Estate Lease? (Hint: It deals with sales tax.) Florida is the only State in the U. S. that imposes sales tax on rent paid by a tenant to its landlord in a commercial real estate lease. And, it’s not just on the base rent. With few exceptions, anything paid...

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