Passing On Your Lessons in a Metaphorical Message in a Bottle

Randy Pausch was an accomplished academic who taught computer science at both the University of Virginia and Carnegie Melon University. He became known across the country after giving a heart-wrenching “last lecture” to students at Carnegie Melon making him a Lou-Gehrig-like symbol of the beauty and briefness of life, according to the New York Times.

Professors at Carnegie Melon are sometimes asked to give lectures on what wisdom they would impart if they knew it was their last chance. Hence, the title, “last lecture.” Dr. Pausch accepted that challenge after learning he had only a few months left to live.

Dr. Paush’s advice to attendees of his “last lecture” was simple and clear – have fun and approach life with childlike wonder.

Here is a condensed version of his lecture that he presented on Oprah Winfrey’s show:

Metaphorical Message in a Bottle

Dr. Pausch also spoke of the immense love he had his wife and had a birthday cake for her wheeled on stage during his lecture. He also spoke glowingly about his three young children saying he

made a decision to speak to them mostly through video memory. Dr. Pausch described this as putting himself in a metaphorical bottle that his children might someday discover on a beach.

You Too Can Pass Your Wisdom and Advice on to the Next Generation

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