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Estate Planning Lawyers Serving Virginia, Maryland, D.C., Colorado & California

Most people do not know they have the option to leave their estate protected from creditors and divorce. Take action by retaining the services of an experienced estate planning attorney who can provide you with assistance in protecting your affairs. Estate planning is much more than simply creating a Will to say what happens to your assets after you pass on. It is an act of love. It is a commemoration of your concern and care for your loved ones.

How InSight Law Is Different From Other Estate Planning Law Firms

InSight Law takes a unique approach to estate planning by offering clients a wide variety of ongoing resources and tools to make their estate plans complete and detailed. Schedule a meeting today by contacting our office at 703-654-6019.

We offer our clients a plan that works which stresses the importance of education, not only for our clients, but for their loved ones as well. We also provide an ongoing maintenance plan to make sure our clients’ estate plans are updated to fit their changing lives as well as changes in the law.

Learn more about our unique process here.

Important issues to consider in Estate Planning include:

  • Do you have an updated plan?
  • What are the key issues to consider if you or a loved one becomes disabled?
  • Does your family know your health care wishes?
  • Will your estate be subject to estate taxes?
  • Are your assets properly titled?
  • Have you taken the necessary steps to avoid the probate process?

Insight can help you plan for these issues and more in their comprehensive planning process. We invite you to attend one of our Truth About Estate Planning workshops to learn more.

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