Estate Planning

InSight Law takes a unique approach to estate planning by offering clients a wide variety of ongoing resources and tools to make their estate plans complete and detailed.

Estate planning produces many complex issues including preserving assets, tax consequences, charitable pursuits, retirement, education, and wealth transfer. We offer our clients a workable plan which stresses the importance education, not only for our clients, but their loved ones as well. We also provide a continuing maintenance plan to make sure client’s estate plans fit their changing lives and provide protection for their families in the future. Learn more about our unique process here.

Important issues to consider in Estate Planning include:

  • Do you have an up to date plan?
  • What will happen if you or a loved one becomes disabled?
  • Will your family be taken care of?
  • Does your family know your wishes?
  • Will your estate be subject to estate taxes?
  • Are you assets properly titled?
  • Have you taken necessary steps to avoid the probate process?

Check out this video where Bobby explains the various roles in your estate plan:

Insight can help you plan for these issues and more in their comprehensive planning process. We invite you to attend one of our Truth About Estate Planning workshops to learn more.

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Mike Sexton


To whom it may concern, Can the federal estate tax be paid in installments? My brother and I may in time have to pay an estate tax of over 10 million dollars. My other question is if the majority of an estate value is a business, does that change how the estate tax is applied? Thank you for your time. Mike


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