Trustee Training Webinar


10:00 am - 12:00 pm


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Trustee Training 2020


As part of the InSight Law Maintenance and Family Education Program, we provide our clients and their families with various educational opportunities so that all parties understand and are comfortable with the estate planning process.


Our main program is titled ‘What to Do During Critical Times.’ This program will proactively educate you and your helpers on the 911 information and key checklists available when dealing with a loved one’s disability or death.


This year’s program will be held exclusively via Zoom Webinar on November 21, 2020 from 10am-noon. In addition to reviewing the critical ‘911’ information we will discuss COVID-19 specific issues as some affected process changes.


In our experience, we have discovered that providing this type of education to our client families before major life events occur reduces a great deal of stress for the entire family.  In addition, it helps facilitate the goals of:  1) disability planning; 2) a smooth transfer of wealth; 3) educating the beneficiaries on how to protect and maximize their inheritance; and 4) making life easier for family members and helpers during difficult times.


Clients, beneficiaries/family members, successor trustees and financial advisors are all welcome to attend.  This program is an overview that qualifies attendees for the reduced settlement fee offered under the InSight Law Maintenance Plan.


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