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Which Trust is Best for Leaving a Portion of Your Estate to a Charity?

When planning your estate, you may want to leave some money to a charity you support. If you are charitably inclined, there are two types of trusts you should consider utilizing to protect yourself from excessive taxation and maintaining the value of your future charitable donation. The two trust options include (i) the charitable lead trust and (ii) the charitable remainder trust. What is a Charitable Lead Trust? Compared to a charitable remainder trust, the roles are basically reversed when you set up a charitable lead trust. The charitable beneficiary will receive annual payments from the trust at the beginning of the...

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InSights from February 27, 2021 Annual Client Meeting

The Annual Client Meeting is a key component of the Insight Law Maintenance Program. We are in the 13th year of hosting these meetings and have found them to be incredibly helpful to both the firm and our clients. The objective of the Annual Client Meeting is to ensure we stay connected with our clients and they stay educated on their estate plan. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMOxNtQRDBk...

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You Were Named the Executor or Administrator of an Estate – What To Expect

When someone is designated as a personal representative for an estate, their mind is often inundated with questions and concerns about what they are legally obligated to do. In many instances, personal representatives are named an Executor/Executrix or an Administrator/Administratrix. Similarities and Differences between an Administrator and an Executor You may be wondering, "What is different from being named an Administrator versus an Executor?" Well, an Administrator is the individual appointed by a court to oversee an estate when someone passes away without a Last Will and Testament. In contrast, an Executor is the individual named by a decedent in their estate...

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Streamlined Loan Forgiveness Application Now Available for PPP Borrowers

If you received a loan totaling $50,000 or less through the Paycheck Protection Program, the administrative burden associated with applying for forgiveness is now much lighter. The Small Business Administration recently issued Form 3508S, which is a far simpler loan forgiveness application, especially in comparison to the original 3508 form and even the 3508EZ form. For example, Form 3508S is a single page and requires very little paperwork when applying for PPP loan forgiveness. Small business owners who borrowed $50,000 or less will need to certify the following: Loan funds were used for eligible expenses; Payroll costs were at least...

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Presidential Debate Highlights Differences in Tax Policy

The first debate of the 2020 presidential election took place recently and it was…unique. It's fair to say this was a norm-shattering debate that ran high on emotions and low on substantive discussions pertaining to federal policy. It was not particularly entertaining, but it was revealing in certain moments. The issue of taxes is one prominent example that highlights the stark differences between the candidates. Let's take a look at each candidate's proposals when it comes to tax policy. Joe Biden's Tax Proposals The Biden campaign released a number of policy papers, including Vice President Biden's plan regarding taxes. If elected, Joe Biden...

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