Can You Spare a Few Moments of Your Time?

I ran into a sad scenario recently. A gentleman had a heart attack and had no estate planning documents. His family has to hire an attorney to prove to the government that they can take care of their father and to receive money he is entitled to for his care. While they are waiting for this court order they have to pay another attorney to act as their father’s attorney. They also get to pay for the doctor who must submit his evidence to the court. Is this the type of mess you want your family dealing with during this troubling time? An ounce of prevention can go a long way in this situation. I see so many families going to great measures to take care of their families (going to the right schools, buying the latest gadgets, meeting the right friends, finding the right babysitter, etc) but they can’t take a few hours to make life easier for their loved ones if something major happens. Wonder why?