Bobby’s Article Featured in the 2015 Fall Issue of Access National Bank’s GovCon Innovation Newsletter

Bobby is the President of InSightLaw and has spent years building the firm seeing it grow tremendously. He decided to share his experience as a business owner and provide key tips to fellow business owners by publishing How to Retain Key Employees to Help Grow and Transition Your Business in the 2015 Fall Issue of Access National Bank’s GovCon Innovation Newsletter.

Bobby talks about how smart business owners should work to keep key people long term with the company, irrespective of whether or not they become future owners. One strategy Bobby recommends is offering “phantom stock” or “stock appreciation rights” rather than actual stock. This helps align your employees’ goals with the owners’ goals without having to distribute actual shares of stock.

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Part 1 of Bobby’s article was published and Part 2 is be mailed out in the near future.