Advances in Medical Technology Making Prospect of Living to 120 and Beyond a Possibility

In trust and estate planning, there is an emphasis on the end of life and what needs to be done after you’ve left this earth. This blog will be a breath of fresh air since we’re focusing on living longer and enjoying as many years on this earth as possible.

Advances in medical technology have made it possible to actually identify risk factors in the human body before they can inflict significant harm on your overall health. These risk factors are identified through “biomarkers” and “genome sequencing.”

Basics of Biomarkers

Biomarkers are biological data points that reveal the current physical state of affairs of a specific medical condition. The majority of biomarkers are discovered through blood tests for future risk, but they also might include other health data points like an individual’s calcium score and blood pressure.  Furthermore, new health biomarkers are being identified quite frequently, according to This will give doctors more data points to examine and track particular medical conditions.

Here is an interesting video focused on personalized medicine, genomics, and biomarkers:

General Info on Genome Sequencing

Personal genome sequencing, using the identified biomarkers, can enable medical professionals to discover specific future health risk you may face so you can take action now and stop it in the early stages before it becomes a serious health risk.

Genomic mapping and analysis enables doctors to identify the specific processes that lead to the creation of a future disease state. Once a biomarker corresponding to that future disease is identified, a detailed protocol can be developed to track and manage it.

Bottom Line

With these incredible advances in biomarker identification and personal genome sequencing, you may be able to stop a disease before it starts which means we may wind up being able to live much longer and healthier lives.

How to Take Advantage of These Medical Advances

There are steps you can take right now to begin taking advantage of these medical advances For example, you can have your genome mapped by numerous health services companies.  You can also work with physician and care teams who have a deeper understanding of longevity care and are actively staying abreast of the latest developments in the field.

These experts can monitor developments with your particular biomarkers, with the goal of staying out in front of any illnesses, diseases or other negative health outcomes. They can also provide you with a range of options to address any issues that appear, often using more advanced and less invasive health care methods, according to Safe Harbor Asset Management.

As you can see, this is an incredible time to be alive and you may be able to enjoy this life for much longer than expected.