InSight Law On the Cutting Edge of Estate Planning

During the past few months, InSight Law focused on technology to provide better and more efficient service options to our clients. Below is a summary and review of several of our new technology options:

Actionstep Portal: The firm has switched customer relationship management systems to Actionstep. They offer a client portal using Amazon Web Services infrastructure to provide a secure storage and exchange of documents between individual users and the firm. This allows clients the option of going “paperless” and reduces the need for mailing paper copies of documents and updates. The paperless option includes electronic copies of your Asset Review Report and Estate Planning Review Worksheets. We introduced the portal late last fall and have more than 20% of our clients already participating.

Directive Communication Systems (DCS): As a follow up to our Digital Assets discussion in the last newsletter, we have explored providing an option to store, organize, and manage preferences for your digital assets. Digital assets include: emails, websites, Facebook and other social media accounts, digital photos, music, online databases, paperless financial accounts, bitcoins, domain names, and even characters and items in online gaming platforms. DCS tracks and captures account information for all digital assets through the use of a browser tool. DCS does not track and manage your passwords, but stores needed information to prove account ownership. DCS allows users to set preferences based on that company’s policies. Users can choose to delete accounts, give access to certain helpers, memorialize account, etc. if they become disabled or pass away. This becomes incorporated with your estate planning documents to allow DCS the power to administer digital assets according to your preferences.

Docubank: Most of our clients already participate in our Docubank program. Docubank stores client’s medical directives and emergency contact information, and allows medical providers and helpers 24/7 access. Docubank contact information, along with the client access information, is stored on a small card we recommend clients keep with their insurance cards. We also offer a similar program for clients who have minor children. The option for minor children provides the storage and access of emergency contact information and childcare powers of attorney when children are left under the care of others. Finally, Docubank offers an online safe, which gives the clients the option to store documents in the cloud and give access to their named helpers.

Website Updates & Improvements: We are continuing to add more content and videos to our website to make it a better resource for our clients and their helpers. The firm updates news articles and blogs about the latest estate planning topics on a monthly basis. We have expanded our video library and will continue to do to. Many of these videos may be useful for your helpers and beneficiaries to watch if they are unable to attend live events. If you would like to get credit for them attending, please let us know and we can send them a simple quiz. In addition, by logging into the client area, clients can: pay renewal fees, access their Docubank pages, access our video library, download blank healthcare/final arrangements checklists, register for client events, and more. Coming soon: direct link to our Actionstep portal, PDF copies of our monthly enewsletter, and an expanded video library. We welcome suggestions to continue to improve our site.

We look forward to continuing to serve our clients and meeting their needs and expectations in a world of ever-changing technology. If you would like to receive more information or would like to participate in any of the programs mentioned above, please contact Jesci at