Legacy Planning

“Stories and wisdom are more valuable than diamonds, but more fragile than flowers. Unless shared and preserved while in bloom, they are lost to future generations forever. We see life through our stories of the past and our vision of the future. We share the textures of our lives and discover meaning in our life’s journey by recalling important events and significant relationships.”

We want to ensure your legacy is preserved and passed on to future generations in your family.

Our real wealth is the living declaration of who we are as a unique human being—of the paths we have traveled in our life, and the bridge of values, vision, wisdom, and experience that we have to offer our loved ones. Through a series questions, Priceless Conversations provides a structure with which memories, accomplishments, and the meaning of life can be captured and preserved as a permanent legacy for future generations. At Insight we offer our clients a variety of options to preserve and pass on their legacy. We can record their Priceless Conversations by audio or video and provide them with copies to pass on to their loved ones.

Purposeful Planning

Priceless Conversations Include Topics Such As:

  • My Legacy (Our Legacy)
  • The Meaning of Money
  • Wisdom Conversations
  • My Kids (Our Kids)
  • My Values (Our Values)
  • Stories From the Past
  • The Meaning of Success
  • My House (Our House)
  • My Pets
  • Special Wishes
  • A Special Child
  • My Estate Plan (Our Estate Plan)
  • Treasures & Items of Significant Personal Property

Please contact us to find out more about our legacy process and start your legacy planning.

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